Toggle Injection Moulding Machines - ARMOUR Series

Armour series machines are designed with CAD optimized high speed, five point twin toggle locking mechanism with use of graphite impregnated bushes & high tensile chrome plated tie bar which provides fast and precise mold closing and opening system.

Being a toggle machine, Armour series of machines have characteristics of faster clamp movement, robust performance, higher energy efficiency, highly productive performance etc.

Automatic mold height & tonnage setting through Sun gear mechanism with rotary encoder makes easy operation of mold setting, which provides advantages like positive drive, no backlash, high rigidity, increased mold safety, longer life etc.

Armour series machines are available with Servo technology as a standard feature. VDP system is also available as an optional feature.

Armour series ranges from 50 to 1300 ton clamping force capacity.


Sprint series of machines have perfect balance of performance and robustness derived through design configuration and performance matrices. Sprint series machines are designed with Hydro-Mechanical concept.

Sprint series of machines have characteristics of robust performance, lesser oil requirement, larger daylight, higher energy efficiency, highly productive performance etc.

Colouring machine

We have specially designed our decorative screen and import from Korea for best quality printing. The machine is an easy-going machine for Hot Stamping, it uses a heated roller to apply decorative foil or heat transfer decals to medium surfaces.

This machine had wide acceptance in the household, pet/jar/bottle, home appliances, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and stationary decoration printing industries.

The product is loaded and automatically ejected after the printing cycle. Being a single mandrel machine the set-up time is very less. It has the ability to decorate directly from the moulding process with front-mounted operator interface.

Foam Maker - An Insulating Material Maker

We are using high quality foam making machine which enable us to dispense exact amount of material which makes even filling of foam throughout our product. This gives surety of quality.


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